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Terms of Service

Please understand, regardless of whether you read these terms or not, you are expected to follow them so take the time to understand our terms. We won't type this up in a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo that no one understands. We'll put this in easy to read and understand terms so there is no confusion, which is the way we like to do things here at Posh Carts. We have the right to change at any time.

First of all, no nudity sites, vulger material, or selling of illegal items through your web site. We are a family friendly hosting company that gears mostly to the work at home moms who need that extra income. So please keep it friendly. If your child can't see it then don't use us for hosting. Thank you for understanding this. If you do not abide by these rules we have the right to remove your site immediately and release Posh Carts as your hosting company.

We have a list of qualified, well respected Web Designers listed under the Template Designers section. We, in no way, have any relation between these Designers and their Customers. We simply offer you the knowledge of where you can find a qualified designer should you need one. We do not get personally involved, in any way, with problems that may arise between a Web Designer and a Customer. So please understand this up front and do not ask us to referee.

Any Web Designs, Graphics, and HTML Layouts/Templates located in our shopping cart system is only for the use of Posh Carts paying customers. Should you leave you may not take the Web Design or Graphics with you. Since these are FREE Web Designs we are offering to Posh Carts customers only, we only allow Posh Cart customers to use them. You may not share, distribute, or loan any part of the FREE Web Designs in our system, which includes the HTML Template. You may NOT take an HTML Template, unless otherwise stated, and change it's design by using your own backgrounds and inserting them into the code. This use is NOT allowed. Posh Carts will, however, dedicate at least ONE HTML Template for customers to add in their own backgrounds (should you be experience in doing this) but the HTML code still belongs to Posh Carts. We will not provide customer service on how to edit your own backgrounds in these "add your own background" Designs. Please only use this if you are familiar with HTML coding. If you leave Posh Carts you may NOT take any part of the HTML code with you. You may NOT remove any Posh Carts copyright located at the bottom of each Web Design Template built in the system. This is a wonderful service we are making available to our customers and with trust. Please do not disrespect us and take any graphics and alter them as this is not permitted. You MAY add in your own logo into any of the Web Designs located in the Shopping Cart area. You may not alter any of the images in the template however. If you need customization of a template or would like a logo added to the design we CAN and DO accommodate this for a small fee.

Your cart requires a license, this license is for 1 domain.

If you move your site or change domain your cart will no longer work.

You may terminate your hosting account at any time by sending us a request. We will be more than happy to terminate should you find the need to leave. No questions asked.

No refunds will be given if you decide to cancel. Hosting fees need to be paid on time each month or to make it easier, and also cheaper for our customers we offer an incentive to sign up for yearly plans. If your account falls more than 15 days behind a termination letter will be sent to you and your account will be suspended until you make your account current. We find that automatic billing each month on the due date seems to be the easiest to do as our plans are affordable and you know monthly that you have a set payment.

Every few years we may have a newer software version which you can upgrade for a fee of $99.00.

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